Adventures with Alison – Installment One

professorsAlison’s FAT bike whirs along beside me, as we ride down the golf course road to the classic ‘Professor Falls’.

It’s our first outing together, and hopefully there are a lot more adventures to come for us before the big one. I hadn’t been up this route since I was a new ice climber (using leashed tools – that should tell you something..). It’s been cemented in my memory as frigid, and epic.

Things are different now, I guess. There’s been a lot of learning between then and now. Some lessons have come cheaply, and some haven’t. I’ve married and divorced, nearly killed myself a couple of times, gotten stronger, gotten smarter, gotten bolder, gotten stupider.

I’ve gotten happier.

I’m still working at my confidence, I suppose, but I think it’s coming. I feel, sometimes, as if someone started a rumour a long time ago that I could climb things, and now I’m just trying not to prove them wrong. I’ve learnt to just take pleasure in the things I do, in the challenges I get rise up for. We’re so lucky to have these mountainous playgrounds at our fingertips and to have opportunities to enjoy them in great style and company.

Because, like it or not, no one pays me to do these things – I do them because I enjoy them. So I should enjoy doing them.

And this day is seriously enjoyable. Ali has an all-encompassing sense of humour, which really lends itself to great times in the hood.

p.s. descent bourbon for the motherfucking WIN!


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