Onwards – to the Indian Himalaya in 2016!?

I first met Alison when she and her partner, Amy, were interested in renting a room in my house. This was probably over a year ago.

After I returned from Baffin, Ali and I committed to dreaming up an adventure that would combine our very idfferent skillsets. The clear choice was the Himalaya. One mega enduro alpine athlete and one mildly competent technical climber. We picked an objective and began to write our first grant proposal as I left to return to Yosemite for the fall season, stopping in every Denny’s and Starbucks along the way for free wifi.

We learnt the good news about the John Lauchlan Award, one evening while I was deeply involved in a crossword puzzle. My phone rang, and Jim Elzinga, Barry Blanchard, James Blench, Brian Webster and Larry Stanier gave me the good news. After that came a flurry of activity as Alison and I scrambled to find enough funding to round out the trip budget.

We are humbled, horrified and grateful to be the 2016 recipients of the Mugs Stump Award in addition to the John Lauchlan Memorial Award. We hope to make both committees proud of their decisions.

I am over the moon to be planning my next adventure with a woman as capable, driven and funny as Alison.

To the Garhwal!!

Check out the list of amazing expeditions the Mugs Stump is assisting this year: http://www.alpinist.com/doc/web15y/newswire-2016-mugs-stump-award-recipients-announced

alison on one of her many polar exploits. she does love cold like no one else i've ever known.
alison on one of her many polar exploits. she does love cold like no one else i’ve ever known.

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